Why can't I change the font size on my Dymo RhinoPro?

If you don't seem to be able to change the font size on your RhinoPro, please note that some options, when enabled, will prevent you from changing the font size. To check, please verify the following:

  • ensure the label maker is configured to print one line of text (you can not select to print larger fonts when the label maker is configured to print a multi-line label)
  • while pressing down on the Shift key (denoted by an up arrow on some label makers), press the Del/Clear key (doing this will clear all text and reset the label maker to print a one line label)
  • ensure that there are no other print options enabled, such as: Italic, bold, vertical, underline, mirrored-print, outline, etc.
  • ensure the label width can accommodate the font selection (smaller label widths will not be able to accommodate larger font sizes - so please consult your user guide)