Tip : Why would I need a replacement Dymo LabelWriter Spool?

The Dymo LabelWriter Spool is made of 2 parts. The main part is a black circular disc with a spindle protruding from the middle of it. The other part is a black disc with a hole at the center. The disc slides over the spindle and locks the label roll into place.

Older model LabelWriters had a grey colored spool setup, but any model with a number up from 300 uses the current black spool. Spools are thus interchangeable between Dymo LabelWriter models, with the exception of the 4XL model which has a much longer spool.

Why would I need a replacement spool? The LabelWriter spool is made of hard plastic and they don’t break easy. In the unlikely case that you do happen to break yours, then it’s simply a matter of ordering one from Labelcity.com - Label Spool for Dymo LabelWriter 95175. These are kept in stock as a standard spare part. 

Some people like to have a spare spool with a label roll already loaded on it. Sometimes it is the same label size that’s already in the printer so they can quickly reload the printer when the current roll is finished, but sometimes a user will have a different size label roll already loaded on another spool for easier changeover of label sizes.

The Dymo LabelWriter range consists of a number of different models.