Sort Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Screws with Dymo LetraTag 91333 Labels

Sifting through a container of nuts, bolts, screws and washers, looking for a particular item can be a frustrating experience. Finding that elusive screw can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine then being organized and knowing exactly where that particular size screw is?

Whether it be organizing nuts bolts etc,in your garage, or organizing other items such as pens, pencil and Sharpies, a great tool to have around the home or office is a Dymo LetraTag label maker. The LetraTag is a relatively inexpensive label maker that prints on predominantly plastic labels (although you can get an iron-on label). The plastic labels are available in a variety of colors, so there's bound to be a color that suits your requiements.

As depicted, a red label was used to sort nuts, bolts and screws in this garage. The exact label used is the Dymo LetraTag 91333 Cosmic Red Label. This is a 1/2” (12mm) label that is 13' long (5.5m). The label is red, the print is black and it works in all Dymo LetraTag models.

Printing these labels is simple because the LetraTag is such an easy product to use. You simply type the text you want and print. Or before you print you could choose to format the look of the text using features such as bold, italic, boxes and shadow printing. Check out the LetraTag page for more details.