Removing the backing from Dymo D1, LetraTag and Rhino Label Tapes

Dymo D1 Labels, Rhino Labels, and LetraTag Label tapes all have an easy-peel split tape backing that makes it extremely easy to get the backing sheet off. Other brands pose a degree of difficulty when it comes time to separate the label from the backing.

Here's how the split-back design works

  • Print your label using your Dymo LabelManager, Rhino printer or LetraTag label maker
  • After you have printed you label, flip it over and look for the split in the backing sheet
  • Gently squeeze / pinch the tape. The tape backing will start to separate !!
  • Carefully peel away the backing from the tape
  • Flip it over and get ready to stick the label where you want it.....

These instructions apply to the following Dymo labels: