I get a number instead of a letter on my Dymo LetraTag

The Dymo LetraTag keypad is by default an alpha layout (letters only). To select a number you use the Number Lock button which puts it in numeric mode

If you're trying to type letters A-J on a handheld LetraTag and you're getting numbers instead, simply press the Number Lock button to change the label maker from numeric to alpha mode. The same applies for a desktop LetraTag, although the keypad is a different layout - if you're getting numbers instead of letters, take it out of Number lock mode.

Now if you're using an older Dymo LetraTag model, you won't have a Number Lock button, but fixing your issue is almost as easy. First, clear the text that you have already typed by pressing the Shift key followed by the Del/Clear key. Now, to disable the Number Lock feature, all you need to do press the Shift key again followed by the letter 'O'.

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