How to print Self-Laminating Labels on the Rhino 6000

Self-lamintaing labels are useful in instances where you need to label a wire or cable that may be exposed to abrasion, oil, water or solvents. The label itself is made from polyester like a number of other Rhino labels, but it has an additional clear flap that wraps over the printed text, offering extra protecion.

Creating self-laminated labels on the Rhino 6000 is a simple process. It's a matter of using one of the Rhino's hot keys, but you do need to consider a few basics restrictions when using this kind of label. First, even though Rhino 1734821 Self Laminating Label is 24mm wide, you can only print 2 lines of text. Second, the only text sizes you can use are 'extra extra small' as well as 'extra small' and 'small'.

Here's how to print a self-laminating label on the Rhino 6000
  • Enter the label length or select AUTO to have the label length automatically set to fit the text.
  • Enter your text
  • Press OK to create the label
And that's all there is to printing self-laminating labels on the Rhino 6000 industrial label printer.