Formatting Labels on the Rhino 6000

There's a number of different formatting options available on the Rhino 6000 industrial label printer. You can change text size and text style, print multiple lines per label and you can even print some international characters (The printer supports the extended Latin character set using RACE technology). Today we'll look at the 2 most basic formatting options : text size and text style.

Changing the Text Size

You can print the text on your label in eight sizes: extra-extra-small, extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large and BIG (all capital letters). The text size selected applies to all the text on all the labels in a label file. You can also select Auto as the text size. When Auto is selected, the best text size is automatically determined for the height and width of the label you are creating. BIG font is not used when Auto text size is selected. The text size available for you to use depends on the width set for the label tape and the type of label you are creating. To set the font size: Press SIZE. Each time you press SIZE, the next available font size is highlighted on the Size feature indicator on the display.

Changing the Text Style

You can print the text on your label in several styles: bold, italic, underlined, and boxed. And, you can choose normal width or narrow width. The text style applies to all the text on all the labels in the label file, including most symbols. Text style is not applied to user defined symbols. To set the text style 1. Press SETTINGS. 2. Select Text style and press OK. 3. Use the arrow keys to select a style. 4. Press OK and then select Done (ESC).