Exotic Bird Supplies company uses a Dymo printer for Shipping Labels

WindyCityParrot.com supplies owners of exotic birds with everything from cages to toys, from perches to food, from books to grooming items. Everything you need to care for an exotic bird is on WindyCityParrot.com

Mitch from WindyCityParrot.com, tells us about using his Dymo Labelwriters for shipping packages to customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"We print shipping labels from USPS shipping labels software which is tied into our "Miva Merchant" shopping cart. Shipworks loads shipping address information, our employee only enters package weight & dimensions, clicks "Ship" applies the label. Then....... our friendly postal carrier will pick up the box of packages we leave by the front door daily. We'll be rolling out bar coding soon. We'll be doing it in-house using our 2 Dymo LabelWriters"