Dymo Address Labels - White, Yellow, Clear, 2-up.....

When we talk about Dymo Address Labels, we're not just talking about plain white labels that are used just for adding an Address to an envelope. That's what address labels were initial meant for, but the size of these labels makes them suitable for a whole host of other purposes. Some people use them to label shelves in office or warehouses, some people use them to display ingredients in packaged food items, some people use them for barcoding and some use them for filing purposes. That's just 4 alternate uses, and there are literally hundreds more.

In addition to being useful for labelling other than on envelopes, Dymo's address labels are available in not only white, but also in yellow and clear / opaque variants. There's also what Dymo call a 2-up label option, where 2 labels are printed simultaneously side-by-side. The yellow labels are perfect for cases where you need a label that sticks out a little. It's not a bright yellow, but it's bright enough to be noticeable. The opaque labels are perfect in instances where you want the label to appear kind of invisible. If you were to stick one of the labels on a colored surface, the color of the surface would show through and you'd really only see the text/graphics that you printed on the label (you would still see the label if you looked close, but it wouldn't be as noticeable as a white or yellow label).

There's a lot more to learn about Dymo Address Labels.