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Dymo 4XL Address Labels are the longest rolls made by Dymo

The Dymo LabelWriter 4XL label printer was primarily designed to appeal to users who need to print larger 4" x 6" labels that are too big fit inside the other Dymo LabelWriter models. The Dymo 4XL LabelWriter has a much wider printhead allowing the larger labels to be printed.

When Dymo was developing the 4XL model they realized that they could also run other smaller sizes through the wider printhead, but instead of printing the smaller label sizes lengthways, they printed them sideways. This means they could fit way more labels on a roll.

In fact the Dymo 4XL high capacity Address labels (1785353) contain 1050 labels per roll, compared to just 350 labels per roll on the other LabelWriter models.

What does this mean though? simple, you change/replace rolls 3 times less often.
Learn more about the Dymo 4XL High Capacity Address Labels here