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DYMO LabelManager 120P Label Maker (1738349)

Labelcity item #: 1738349     Mfr #: 1738349
Item weight (lbs) : .79
Note:  Free Ground Shipping (USA only)
Price: $27.95
Labeling everything from personal files to storage racks. The LabelManager¨ 120P is a robust, all-purpose labeling tool perfectly suited for general needs in the office or shop floor. It is designed to endure daily use.

Take it anywhere you need professional looking labels. The result could be fewer lost files, a better organized workplace, and more accurate stock inventory, to name just a few possible advantages. A more professional and effective work environment can really affect the bottom line.

Prints on:
- Dymo D1 3/8" labels
- Dymo D1 1/2" labels

Features & Benefits
¥ The graphical display shows exactly how your label will print. This means no more guessing what the label will look like. What you see is what you get!
¥ ABC-style keyboard
¥ Prints professional quality labels on 3/8" and 1/2" easy-peel split back DYMO D1 tape
¥ Logical flow of label making from start to print - very user friendly.
¥ Quick access buttons to punctuations, symbols and diacriticals
¥ Auto power-off to extend battery life.
¥ Use 6 AA batteries