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Dymo DiscPainter Color Ink Cartridge #11 (1738252)

Labelcity item #: 1738252     Mfr #: 1738252
Item weight (lbs) : .12
Price: $35.90
Ink cartridge for Dymo DiscPainter. Dymo DiscPainter is a revolutionary purpose-built printer for CD's and DVD's. It's fast and it prints extremely high quality full color graphics on standard inkjet-printable discs.

Some FAQ's on the Dymo Ink Cartridge....

How can I tell when the ink cartridge is running low on ink?
When the ink is running low in the ink cartridge, the ink status light on the top of the printer will first become solid yellow when the ink level drops below 20% and then solid red when the ink level drops below 5%. You can also check the ink level in the Printer Services dialog box. Refer to"Using Printer Services" in the DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer User Guide for more information.

How do I install a new ink cartridge?
Replacing the ink cartridge is quick and simple. Refer to "Replacing the Inkjet Cartridge" in the DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer User Guide for more information.

How long will the ink cartridge last if I am not printing very often? Will the ink dry out?
Environmental and storage conditions can accelerate ink evaporation, therefore, reducing the life of the inkjet cartridge. To maximize the number of discs you can print from one inkjet cartridge, use the printer regularly.